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Bill Jenkins / We Carry the Cave

  • Bill Jenkins / We Carry the Cave
Bill Jenkins, who spent his childhood in a small fishing village in the north of Scotland, believes that the every day life of human beings is fascinating and he continues as a poetic explorer to search for gems in his own experience, the experience of others, and increasingly in the natural world in the hills around Perth, Western Australia, where he has lived for the past 40 years. This book reflects the experience gained through his life as an academic, psychotherapist, and as a hospice chaplain. He has shared the lives of many human beings in extremis and he marvels at the strength and grace often revealed under duress, when people are at their most vulnerable. He also marvels at the extreme callousness and cruelty with which some human beings seemingly manage to live. We Carry the Cave is his first collection of poetry. He is most grateful to all those who have enabled this dream to be realised.
978 1 76041 611 9, 72pp




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