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Earl Livings / Libation

  • Earl Livings / Libation
‘If there is one word that unites this collection, it is longing - which edges into poems that reconcile science and spiritual paganism, reassess the isolation of childhood and even those that celebrate the natural world. This yearning for a bone-deep knowing is perfectly suited to Livings’s measured lyricism which, while rooted in tradition, can, with equal ease, branch into a more playful mode informed, always, with the twin preoccupations of science and history.’ - Catherine Bateson
‘The context for the human journey, Libation seems to say, is the widest one possible: that of deep space and time… On the way, the poet pays respect to the earth’s traditional cultures, rites and rituals, rediscovered and affirmed in a direct, experiential and often visceral way, and within specific languages… On a more personal level, several poems confront then stare down death and tragedy, aided by a vital wisdom: namely, the will to life found in all living things, including the many interesting creatures with which we share our lives and little planet…’ - John Jenkins
978 1 76041 615 7, 82pp




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