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Kevin Densley / Lionheart Summer

  • Kevin Densley / Lionheart Summer
‘Kevin Densley’s new poetry collection offers a gently ironic look at the blind spots in our everyday odyssey through life. We are carried into a contemporary small town mindscape built atop the white and infinite marble of ancient myth, infiltrated by pop culture and urban legend. These poems offer a sensuous evaluation of life, which does not exclude tragic overtones. We journey and are caught in those moments in which the struggle to go on and forward is stifled by boredom, self doubt, exhaustion, yet there is always a sense of delicate beauty dreaming somewhere below the horizon. Kevin Densley has the same easygoing intimacy with classic literature as with the modern mindset and these commingle in his poetry so that Dionysus nudges up against modern hero-rulers and their assassins as easily as two Sunday drinkers in a country pub, exchanging the odd laconic aside or knowing nod.’ - Isobelle Carmody
978 1 921691 20 1, 56pp




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