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John Passant / Whose broken is this?

  • John Passant / Whose broken is this?
‘Passant’s words are marching songs. They speak for the dispossessed, across Terra Nullius, out of the factories, through wars and generations, to the ruins of Aleppo. Their rhythm is that of resistance, against the state, against prejudice, but for our common humanity. While at times necessarily bleak in outlook - “we are not in hell, we are alive” - they contain an unrestrained joy and faith, and an irresistible confidence for the future: “We are many, they are alone.” A place where the hearts of the masses will always overcome the greed of the few: the wondrous dream from a mighty pen.’ - James Walton, poet
‘John is a mature and experienced writer of political analysis and he brings this keen sense of observation to his poetry. He is also a reflective poet, writing the personal with pathos, but without sentimentality, thus establishing universal connections for the reader.’ - Sara Moss, poet and editor
‘The Awesome have been honoured to collaborate musically with John Passant on a number of occasions, including the National Folk Festival 2018, and plan a collaborative album very soon. Passant’s poetry is at once thought-provoking, sensitive, brutal, honest and always hopeful. The poems shake and stir the dust in your soul, remaining there long after the dust has settled. They are a vital body of work for Australian poetry.’ - Mili Cifali, Jim Horvath (The Awesome)
‘Poetry is an intensely personal art, but as John Passant reminds us in the introduction, the personal is political. English-speaking cultures are suspicious of verse that is engaged, that claims political allegiance, poetry that takes sides. John’s poetry may thus be suspect to the eyes of mainstream readers, but he belongs to an honourable and fine tradition of poets, mainly from the Global South, who for a century or more, have used their gift of poetry to advance the cause of human liberation from all oppressions. John writes in this vein; he gives us the personal emotions and pain that the suffering of the world triggers in him; the hope for change; the dream of another world and the warmth of companionship. I commend John’s collection to you.’ - Cedric Beidatsch
‘This masterpiece of paradox will undoubtedly provide years of reading pleasure’ - Independent Australia
‘These poems offer a passionate and heartfelt feeling to serious issues, and the poet appears well read, original, and forthright, with strong nuanced views.’ - Rochford Street Review
978 1 76041 635 5, 118pp




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