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Colleen Moyne / Time Like Coins

  • Colleen Moyne / Time Like Coins
"Colleen and I have known each other for many years, in many guises, from school colleagues to collaborators in organising a writing group, and always as friends who share a love of the written word. Her love of writing is evident in this poetry collection. The words hum with vibrant life, as Colleen looks at the 'ordinary' things in life and makes them extraordinary with her gentle, nuanced observations, where frost becomes toffee, and dew drops become thousands of miniature rainbows. Colleen sees things, and thinks deeply about them. This collection shows readers the delightful results of those thoughts, and we can rest with the gentle honesty of this poet, who has seen so much, and has carefully bundled her thoughts up, with the mindful love of a parent and grandparent, mature, but always playful with it, as and when needed. Whether finding solace after loss, in the lives of tiny ducklings, or examining herself gently and honestly, via the face she sees in her own mirror, Colleen's words will strike chords with our lives, as she shows us glimpses into her own examined life. This collection shows the depth and wisdom that can come with maturity and honesty, and I strongly recommend the reading of this book as a fine example of what can come with further musing on life's experiences." - Carolyn Cordon
978 1 76041 669 0, 92pp




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