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Rosalee Kiely / Creature

  • Rosalee Kiely / Creature
‘What Rosalee Kiely has garnered from American poets - Cohen, Rich - is pure gain. But what this poet gives of herself in Creature is more surprising - movement among landscapes, life as encounters and discovery, a voice rapid and flexible. Answers that are questioning, an alertness bared to life’s every gust and flicker.’ - Judith Rodriguez
Creature is alive; the poet brings to reality places embedded with fondness, sometimes with fear, others exuding peace and solitude… Read at your own risk, but you won’t be disappointed.’ - Compulsive Reader
'Creature is ultimately about the human creature: it is warm, cold, funny, saddening but above all observant. Kiely has a keen eye for imagery, especially extended metaphor. Her debut collection is a bold statement that Australian poetry is not merely surviving the publishing perils and the grants that are shrinking like outback waterholes: it is alive, animated, a creature of means. It is a joy.' - StylusLit
978 1 76041 677 5, 64pp




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