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Doug Gregory / A Long Way From Essex

  • Doug Gregory / A Long Way From Essex
‘This is a comprehensive range of everyday, close to the bone poems by Doug Gregory, with sensitivity to other people's difficult lives. They are insightful and compelling. His poetry is universal; it is out there, commenting most effectively on life's foibles as well as its delights. It is tender, sometimes on recollection pessimistic - though his fine sense of goodwill overcomes the pessimism - and often full of fun. Sand Writers have been delighted to publish Doug's poems in our journal Speak Out.’ – Roger Rees, President, Sand Writers Inc.
Doug Gregory was born in 1948 in London, and grew up in the English county of Essex. He moved to Australia in 1976. He has been writing song lyrics and poems since the mid 1960s and this is his fifth book of poetry.
978 176041 681 2, 106pp




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