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Andrew Drake / Beauty in the Darkness

  • Andrew Drake / Beauty in the Darkness
"Beauty in the Darkness explores the concepts of love, death, grief and the ironic twists and turns that life deals out. With depth and compassion, Andrew Drake speaks for the voiceless, the marginalised and for those whose lives have been tragically cut short. Honest, hard-hitting and poignant, Drake’s poetry shines a light into life’s dark corners, a place where few other poets explore. In the rhythmic word-play of these poems, Drake shows he is an observer of contrasts: ‘I wonder why hearts race for love/yet beat faster when afraid / Could this beauty in the darkness / be a monster in the shade?’ These poems embrace the deeply personal as well as the universal, conveying the challenges and joys of what makes us human. Philosophical and thought-provoking, Beauty in the Darkness will resonate long after reading - and perhaps save lives - by reminding us of the importance of being understanding and kind to our fellow humans." - Jude Aquilina
978 1 76041 691 1, 106pp




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