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Mel Hall / The Choir of Gravediggers

  • Mel Hall / The Choir of Gravediggers
When Miss Truelove discovers hatboxes full of papers after her mother’s death, mysteries of her past begin to resolve. She is compelled to tell the story of her eccentric father, Charles Truelove, and the scandals surrounding his name. The Choir of Gravediggers takes us back to late nineteenth century Melbourne; a cemetery and a church, choral singing, grave-trafficking, pet incineration, a shipwreck, competitive flower arranging, and one man struck by lightning. Based on extensive primary research, this historical novella is an impressive work of fiction.
The Choir of Gravediggers is a funny, buoyant story about the vigour of those who deal with death.’ - Brenda Walker
978 1 76041 145 9, 48pp




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