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Judith E.P. Johnson / Only the Waves: haiku & senryu

  • Judith E.P. Johnson / Only the Waves: haiku & senryu
‘True to the grandmasters of times now past (like Issa), rather than projecting herself onto her subjects, Judith E.P. Johnson allows her subjects to breathe new life through her haiku and senryu. Precious cowrie shells culled from sparse windswept Tasmanian seascapes across a lifetime coolly reflected upon, her poems - in a slow burn of sly wistfulness and whimsicality - help us rediscover what will be lost within what has always, perhaps inescapably, been close at hand.’ - Adam L. Kern, author of The Penguin Book of Haiku
978 1 76041 724 6, 46pp




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