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Katherine Buchanan / Leylines

  • Katherine Buchanan / Leylines
Leylines is Katherine Buchanan’s first book of poetry. It presents a selection of poems that either touch on the physical environment and our impact on it or provide the reader with a glimpse into a less tangible, somewhat ethereal, inner world. Imagery of the Rena oil spill disaster, for example, is hauntingly presented in ‘Bay of Plenty’, and ‘Nomura’ provides some insight into an issue with gargantuan jellyfish reaching the Sea of Japan, which have even been known to block seawater pumps used to cool nuclear reactors. Poems like ‘Leylines’ and ‘Spiral Dance’ remind the reader that there is still beauty and potential in the natural world. As Katherine says in ‘Seasons’, the natural cycle continues.
978 1 76041 728 4, 44pp




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