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Brian Hungerford / She Said She Knew What Side of the Family That Came From

  • Brian Hungerford / She Said She Knew What Side of the Family That Came From
Brian Hungerford is an award winning author and one of the World’s most experienced storytellers, in the oral tradition. In the 1950s he sold over 40 radio plays and dramatised documentaries, along with many short stories. Later he won the top award for an audio-visual program on Bangladesh. The competition involving 140 countries was organised by the UN in New York. Born in Australia in 1935, he was brought up by his grandmother, a formidable woman, who had an unsatisfiable passion for travel. In 1940, Brian and his grandmother left Sydney and began a farming life in Candelo. Candelo later became the setting and mainspring of many stories. In 1959, with a record of more than 25 radio plays and a handful of published short stories, he left his grandmother, back in Sydney with an aunt, and sailed to Spain. He stayed for over a year but couldn’t resist the urge to move and flew to London and work with the World Service of the BBC. Three years later, he was seconded to FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN) and spent the next 15 years working in Rome and 13 Third-World countries. His first country was Cuba, a country and its people he will never forget. By 1985 he was settled in Canberra living and partly living, scribbling stories, plays and, so far, three novels. He is popular on the storytelling circuit and travels up and down the east coast of Australia with a repertoire of 300 odd stories. In suburban Canberra, his neighbours also know him as a player of assorted bagpipes.
978 1 76041 751 2, 154pp




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