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Elaine Barker / See My Feathered Fingers

  • Elaine Barker / See My Feathered Fingers
‘Elaine Barker analyses the natural world, the home and places beyond; not with the eye of the detached onlooker but compassionately inhabiting the minds of fellow travellers, from the tough tattooed man to the accident victim, from a baby in a shawl to a merry cemetery. They celebrate the commonplace - not the pots and pans of life - but precise moments like a spider’s web glinting threads strung from its bridge line / each silk strand spun with dewdrops / each glistening sharp and fine. An entire world held within a single feather. Sparrows which casually flit / in and out of life; snatches of memory or loss of memory, past and present fused into exquisitely discrete moments, pickpocketing memories not mere scraps of existence. Worlds and histories evoked by a brooch, a brass button or a mended vase; mere objects until they intersect with humanity. These poems sparkle like the sun through peppertrees glinting through lacy foliage…’ - Rob Walker
‘There is a Zen-like stillness in Elaine Barker’s new collection which is always assured in its clear notes. There are new experiences in Asia and a willingness to reference other forms of art, which inspire deep meditation. Her poetry issues an arresting peace.’ - Brian Castro
Elaine Barker is an Adelaide poet with work published overseas and widely across Australia over many years. She has been a member of Friendly Street Poets for nearly three decades and has won their Satura Prize three times. Her published collections are The Windmill’s Song in Friendly Street’s New Poets series (Wakefield Press, 2003), The Day Lit By Memory (Ginninderra Press, 2008) and High Heels & Tartan Slippers (Ginninderra Press, 2011).
978 1 76041 754 3, 90pp




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