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Marilyn Revill / Aubrey's Game

  • Marilyn Revill / Aubrey\'s Game
Aubrey believed that life was a game, a test to be played in the best way he could. He was born when South Australia was seventy-three years old. Over a century later, when he died, a nation had been built, people had endured two world wars and a depression, technology had changed communications forever, and society was accepting standards that he struggled to understand. With his engaging wit, Aub was a fascinating character. Generous, talented and warm on one hand, he could also be austere, critical and unwittingly selfish on the other. As a vulnerable old man who had lost the song from his heart, he shared his story and his raw emotions. This is his story, as he told it.
978 1 76041 768 0, 278pp




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