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Andrew Drake & Martin Christmas / D&M Between 2 Men

  • Andrew Drake & Martin Christmas / D&M Between 2 Men
D&M Between 2 Men began its life in January 2018 when Andrew contacted Martin, who was hospitalised after a fall, and the question popped in his mind, ‘As men, why don’t we talk about the moments when we’re struggling?’ He suggested writing a cooperative poetry chapbook together. Martin agreed and that was the beginning of a deep and meaningful poetry conversation between the two men. The chapbook soon became a full-length poetry book as the questions (and some answers) began to surface. Over several months, Andrew and Martin wrote their poetry via emails, Messenger texts, and even the occasional face-to-face café meet up. What began as poems prompted by keywords, such as nightmares, masculinity, femininity, emotions, fears, love and hate, evolved into deeper and more meaningful conversations. D&M Between 2 Men is a collection of personal and vulnerable stories in poem format that examines some of the issues on the minds of these two younger and older poets. What was Andrew’s goal? To produce a poetry book that was an insightful read and that, itself, would create real conversations between us all. Ideas and concepts that we seldom express publicly, blocked by fears or stigma. By having two grown men truly open up, it could help others to realise that they are not alone, and that their stories could also find the light of day. Pandora’s box has been opened. Some of the questions posed are answered. Some are heavy. Some are lighter. All are written with a caring touch. An intense experiment. A truthful d&m between two men.
978 1 76041 777 2, 64pp




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