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Greg Tome / Tilting at Time

  • Greg Tome / Tilting at Time
Tilting at Time offers a vivacious yet emphatic rendering of the minutiae of Australian life. At once humorous and reflective, Greg muses on the human condition and its relationship to the specific places and temporal spaces we find ourselves in. In the very first poem, our poet expresses his wish for “words that…shine light into hidden crevices, expose fires”. It is in his own collection that we find exactly that.’ - Lucy Petchell
‘In this collection, Greg Tome’s eyes are everywhere, playfully or ruminatively considering much that is revealed to the observant poet. His poems survey the grace of human attachment, the remarkable beauty of the everyday world as well as its unexpected terrors, drawing the reader’s attention to the richly imaginative prospect that this poet variously shares. Tome’s dexterous management of the language in these poems stylistically suggests the pace of an inner life that embraces and rejoices in the range of sensitivity that is life. The reader of this work will inevitably savour the wonder of living found in this writer’s sometime quirky, always questioning vision.’ - Michael Cotter
‘This is a rich collection from a very accomplished poet. The richness comes from the range of topics, the breadth of treatments, and the author’s experience, imagination, powers of observation and wit. There is never a dull moment as we read of adventures, philosophy, nature, religion, fantasy, love and lust. Few can have their head in the clouds at the same time as having their feet on the ground, and Greg Tome is one of the few.’ - Brian Haydon
'Tome offers readers a shift in perspective that allows us to see things a little differently and perhaps even gain a little agency in the world.' - Plumwood Mountain
978 1 76041 783 3, 98pp




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