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Joan Fenney (editor) / Mountain Secrets

  • Joan Fenney (editor) / Mountain Secrets
Mountains are constant but continually changing. Captive to the seasons, they reveal many faces: in winter shrouded in snow and mist, yet so visibly majestic in the summer months that they appear to touch the sky. Lost in clouds at times, so discernible at others. Places of solitude yet at the mercy of mountaineers who swarm them. Both revered and feared; mystical and earthy; elusive but tangible. Does the mystery of mountains lie in the many paradoxes that surround them? Join more than 150 poets from across Australia in a tantalising exploration of mountains around the world, real and imagined, literal and figurative.
‘This book of poems is the ultimate antidote for the restrictions of lockdown, water for the fires of your human anguish.’ - Rochford Street Review
978 1 76041 800 7, 188pp




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