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Anne Collins / How to Belong

  • Anne Collins / How to Belong
‘Aristotle argued that as we mature, we act less aimlessly and more purposefully. How to Belong explores a myriad of ways we might approach this “good life”. Suggestive rather than instructive, Anne Collins does not ask anything of us that she does not ask of herself; diligent and compassionate in her self-reflection on being and belonging in her/our cultural, political and familial landscapes. With immediacy of language and vivid imagery these poems cast an ever-widening circle of light on matters that are at once particular and universal, of the times and timeless.’ - Jane Williams
‘Have you read the latest collection by Anne Collins? Like the sturdy girl on the cover these are strong poems. Political as tartan skirts. Personal as home. Thoughtful. Questioning. Questing. Plain-speaking. These poems do the kind of truth-telling the world needs. Right now! A collection of considered work with the capacity to tilt your world. The way poetry should. Another well-made (in every sense) book from Ginninderra Press.’ - Gina Mercer
How to Belong is a suggestive, lilting work by an author very willing to share, candidly and lyrically, fragile moments on her journey. It’s a fine contribution to our human geography and one that taps into our innate desire to be.’ - Tasmanian Times
978 1 76041 802 1, 66pp




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