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Rose Helen Mitchell / Long is the Way and Hard

  • Rose Helen Mitchell / Long is the Way and Hard
Harry, an Australian veteran from World War I, and Caitlin, an English girl, meet briefly at the end of the war. When Caitlin writes to Harry with the news that her husband Patrick has died, and that she has given birth to a son, Joseph, they begin friendly correspondence. Through these letters, Harry’s feelings for Caitlin grow into love and he eventually proposes marriage to her. Caitlin initially feels it is too much of a wrench to leave Patrick’s mother and sisters, who have looked after her since her parents died. When Kate and Bridie decide to leave England for their native Ireland, Caitlin decides to accept Harry’s proposal, and with Joseph, now almost three years old, she makes the journey to Australia. She and Harry make their home with Lettie, Harry’s mother, in Numurkah. The challenges and decisions are many and riddled with doubt.
978 1 76041 811 3, 210pp




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