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George Genovese / A Gloomorous Book In Verse

  • George Genovese / A Gloomorous Book In Verse
As the title suggests, A Gloomorous Book In Verse is a seriously funny book and should not be left in the possession of unsupervised children. There’s a considerable risk that without the usual parental responsibility to spoil the fun children will not put it down and neglect their choirs and homework. Just as importantly, parents unaccompanied by children will not have anyone sufficiently imaginative to explain how to read the book and it’ll go right over their heads. The publisher takes no responsibility if this book distracts children away from their computer games and induces them to ask a lot of difficult, literate questions parents may not feel adequately equipped to answer (for assistance, see www.postmodernparentswithnoliterateskilz.com). Here you can read how unhappy Ted and Mabel the cow get the better of their insensitive author and Tommy Toucan becomes a hero through an incredible series of accidents. Will he come clean? Meet all the animals of the alphabet and hear what they have to say and much, much more.
978 1 76041 810 6, 76pp




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