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Airlie Jane Kirkham / A Kaleidoscope of Paintings

  • Airlie Jane Kirkham / A Kaleidoscope of Paintings
‘To listen to South Australian poet Airlie Jane Kirkham’s latest collection is to listen to a musical mind at work. I greatly admire the way in which her poems evoke such delight in the life forces of nature, despite the restrictions of her own reality. Her description of the simple beauty of the natural world and the permutations of its colours, images and sounds weave vibrantly through her poems. Kirkham’s language is sprightly, playful and capable of surprising the reader into a heightened appreciation of nature.’ - Jules Leigh Koch, author of five poetry collections and member of Friendly Street Poets
‘This book is a triumph of the human spirit. When Airlie Kirkham’s promising life and career were cut short by the horrific accident that left her hospitalised for long stretches, permanently paralysed, confined to a wheelchair and in need of constant care, she might well have lost hope. Instead, like the phoenix rising, she has turned to poetry to express the feelings of the last twenty-eight years, and in thoughtful sensitive poems she has communicated with a world that must be moved by her courage and determination. As she says, “I’ve reached the light, my goal, my dream, of telling everyone my story.” It is an inspirational story, conveyed in deeply expressive poems. She explores the natural world, which gives her great pleasure; she meditates on her ancestors, and she muses about her own life and the faith that sustains her in a book that must impress all readers.’ - Valerie Volk, writer of In Due Season, Passion Play, In Search of Anna and others
A Kaleidoscope of Paintings is a triumph of courage and creativity. Airlie shares with us her hopes and dreams, and the enjoyment found in everyday life. Imaginative and fresh images enable us to see through Airlie’s eyes the beauty of flowers, birds, water, landscapes and music. Wisteria is “a long curtain of flowers, a veil of short-lived lace”. Music gives delight in “the elegance of Mozart, the splendour of Mahler, the verve of Prokoviev”. Airlie paints pictures from her personal journey inviting us to share her love of beauty and the joys in her life.’ - Mary Taylor, Poets Corner
'This is a very enjoyable collection of poems, full of beauty, wonderment, and the odd touch of quirky humour.' - tamba
978 1 76041 853 3, 136pp




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