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Leo Lazarus / Myanmar in Moments

  • Leo Lazarus / Myanmar in Moments
Borrow my eyes and see a part of the world recently revealed. This is a story of observation and curiosity in a place which engenders confusion and marvel in turn. Travel without itineraries, without grand plans, without expectations. Travel for the thrill of discovery and the experience of moving and stopping, of choosing when to pause and soak it in, and when to get going. The only quest is to answer the endless question a stranger to a foreign land brings with them - what is life here? What is it to live, here? Take a loop around Myanmar, escaping the urban chaos to the tranquil shores of the Bay of Bengal, before joining the route of most visitors with its deserved reputation for magnificence. It is a story about being and seeing, here, now, so borrow my eyes, and take a moment in Myanmar. Leo Lazarus is a writer, poet and traveller from Melbourne, Australia. This is his first book.
978 1 76041 857 1, 110pp




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