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Belinda Broughton / Not Looking For Signs

  • Belinda Broughton / Not Looking For Signs
“In her poem ‘I’m Angry with God Again’, Belinda Broughton speaks a truth that can’t be denied: Having subdued the earth, / we’re living in our own shit, / we’re cooking ourselves under heaven. This is an example of the clear and unsentimental eye (and voice) that Broughton brings to bear on a global crisis that needs our attention and action, now. Her poems, showing us the wonder of the world – from the towering magnificence of trees to blue wrens singing their ‘hopeful songs’ - are prescient reminders of all we stand to lose if we, as human beings, continue to see ourselves as the centre of the universe.” - Louise Nicholas
“Charged with vivid imagery and crackling insight, Broughton’s poems and artwork swerve between the minuscule and the planetary as she skilfully unfolds the intricacies of environmental beauty and damage. These poems brim with the poignant tensions that arise from loving our world while bearing witness to the damage humanity inflicts. Within this collection, our world is distilled to its essential elements and humanity is laid bare. Broughton is deeply engaged with the species that surround her, questioning everything and conveying her insights with a perceptiveness that is both precise and lyrical.” - Dr Rachael Mead
978 1 76041 862 5, 64pp




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