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Thérèse Corfiatis / Breath

  • Thérèse Corfiatis / Breath
Thérèse Corfiatis lives in Ulverstone on Tasmania’s beautiful north-west coast. Her passion for the natural world, its shape, substance and light - ‘a heaviness of bent colour / an arcing over of gold’ (‘Acacia Avenues’) - and her exploration of the human condition - ‘our love and longing / is rolled tight, like a ball’ (‘Thoughts on a Mother’s Birthday’) - offer moments in time that she hopes resonate for her readers.
‘…the collection does have a very defined, human poise to it, like yoga for the mind. For lovers of beautiful things and quiet moments, for lovers of the love and the sorrow in the everyday in all their subtle and riotous hues, this book is a companion. Spend some time with it soon.’ - TasmanianTimes.com
978 176041 912 7, 76pp




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