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Judith E.P. Johnson / briefly in spring: haiku & senryu

  • Judith E.P. Johnson / briefly in spring: haiku & senryu
‘Judith E.P. Johnson’s haiku have a down-to-earth flavour reminiscent of Issa, one of Japan's four great haiku masters. Her haiku are like little sake cups of imagery. Read at a gulp, or sipped and savoured, they capture moments and movement, a connection to a natural object, or a wry social observation. Above all, these tiny polished gems reveal a keen sense of wonder. They capture the essence of haiku in a way very few English language versions do.’ - Liza Dalby, author of The Tale of Murasaki
'…a candid and affecting look at the life of a grandmother, a neighbour, a traveler, a friend.' - Modern Haiku
978 1 76041 919 6, 62pp




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