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Fraser Mackay / The Sudden Quiet: selected poems

  • Fraser Mackay / The Sudden Quiet: selected poems
Praise for New Skin: ‘When I first came across Fraser Mackay’s wry ruminations, I liked how they were rooted in place and gave off an air of hardy, solitary manhood: somewhere, in Central Victoria, among granite and magpies, there’s a joint in a wide paddock; the horse has been fed by hand and a cold rain is heading in from the West; maybe, tonight, a loving friend will show with a good red; then again, maybe she won’t. Easefully, a poem starts up, one that knows just when to open its mouth, and when to go quiet. You get a sense that the poet is on the path of learning about what Robert Adamson has called ‘the clean dark’.’ - Barry Hill
978 1 76041 932 5, 90pp




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