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Myra King / The Journey of Velvet Brown

  • Myra King / The Journey of Velvet Brown
Being bullied for the colour of her skin is the least of fourteen-year-old Velvet Brown’s problems. Velvet was born with a terrifying second sight. She ‘sees’ the crazies, the psychopaths, those monsters sliding among us, hidden behind normal-looking faces. There’s a double murder in her small-minded town and Velvet has seen the ‘monsters’ - the murderers. But she can’t download on her best friend, Kaleen Pingelly, or even go to the police. No one will believe her. And when love spins into her life in the shape of a sixteen-year-old racing cyclist, a guy so hot he makes Lycra look cool, Velvet's problems rise to yet another level. To save herself and Kaleen from danger, Velvet must find evidence enough to prove to others what only she can see.
‘If you love horses, and a friendship you can believe in, and a little romance, and a little mystery, and a tale that keeps you guessing as you turn the pages, you've come to the right place.’ – Roisin Meaney, number one best-selling Irish author 
‘A pacy exciting ride through a plot layered with crime, special abilities, mystery - and horses.’ - Paddy O’Reilly, award-winning Australian author
Myra King is a Pushcart nominee. She has won the UK Global and been shortlisted for the US Glass Woman Prize and the Scarlett Stiletto. For many years she wrote for Hoofs and Horns, Rider and National Rider.
978 1 76041 036 0, 162pp




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