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Kathleen Fernandes / Wicked & Whimsical

  • Kathleen Fernandes / Wicked & Whimsical
A variety of ambiguous tales both dark and quirky. Conflicts between mothers and daughters, brandy drinkers in search of an ideal, an escape from the mundane. Males with inflated egos to docile partners who ferment with insidious plans of their own. Curtain twitches, village gossip, betrayal and those who relish leading double lives. Half-truths about the past which have devastating consequences on the present. Friends who can be both kind and devious. The loneliness of old age and the secrets of a savage history. The choices made in a tense moment. From the pampered to the parsimonious, the strange to the ridiculous, this collection of short stories will amuse, tease and mystify. It will appeal to anyone who likes a laugh and who is bored reading about nice people.
978 1 76041 958 5, 132pp




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