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Joanna Van Kool / Now and Then

  • Joanna Van Kool / Now and Then
Now and Then is Jo Van Kool’s first collection of poems. The first part, Now, concerns her search for a sense of belonging as in the poem ‘A Breakfast Jam’, I reach for raspberry jam / and feel the past in my hand. This book delights, disturbs and dismays with the turn of every page. From nature, as in the poem ‘Life of a Raindrop’ – ‘and searched for words to recreate / that moment when translucence / held my life’ – to Jo’s voice with a rich sense of justice for those on the edge of our society, the anawin, who struggle to belong. In between, we experience awe at the innocence of whales and yet return to the pain of being on the edge with Jo’s experience of her visit to Wybalenna on Flinders Island, where she hears the birds haunting cry for those despairing for their homeland. In the second part, Then, we find a poet who uses words to speak with a broader cultural lens. ‘Memories of a Migrant 1956’ charts her exploration to find a place to call home. Jo’s poetry is sharply focused on recreating the actual journey of leaving her homeland to arrive in an alien country - Queensland in the late 1950s. The writing is provocative, sensual, sometimes uncomfortable but always honest. Overall, Jo’s poetry is sensitive, thoughtful and real. It leaves a memorable trail to ponder.’ - Colleen Keating. poet
978 1 76041 984 4, 70pp




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