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Judy Rafferty / Inside the Room

  • Judy Rafferty / Inside the Room
Inside the Room is a collection of thoughtful reflections on the emotional work which forms and maintains human relationships from a poet who has spent a career helping people with the challenges of human being.’ - Dr Christopher Lee, Professor of English, Griffith University
Judy Rafferty is a poet, psychologist and author. She writes with gentle but incisive strokes. Her simple and direct words convey with compassion the complexity of human experience, reflecting her listening encounters as a psychologist as well as her own life insights. Here you will find lyrical stories of love, loss and life from inside of the consulting room, from inside of you, indeed from inside of us all. Each piece, whether perceptive and precise, poignant and moving or light and whimsical, speaks to the heart, reminding us of our humanity. Judy lives in Toowoomba, where she has been a psychologist in private practice for over twenty-five years.
'Judy Rafferty writes deceptively simple verse. It is highly accessible, but wonderfully layered and complex in the ideas it invites us to ponder. The rhythm of speech is central to these poems as is the evocation of rawness - emotions float right on the surface of the works, exposed in all their pain or exultant abandon.' - Living Arts Canberra
978 1 76041 990 5, 90pp




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