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T M Collins / The Cold Stones of Feeling

  • T M Collins / The Cold Stones of Feeling
‘Tim Collins knows the Big Machine of Nature, right down to its ducts and grommets, and he can render that in precise language. He also knows a great deal about its cost, its pathos and its terror.’ – Les A .Murray
‘His poetry ranges widely in its both personal and socio-political concerns.’ – Bruce Dawe
‘Tim Collins has a peculiar sense of timelessness in his poems, particularly the imagist, descriptive ones, as the poet holds and weighs the moment, balances the possibilities before setting it to paper thus transforming it.’ – John Foulcher
‘His work has clarity and insight, demonstrates a skilful turn of phrase and covers considerable ground with swiftness and precision. It is poetry which values analysis but which is also animated by strong currents of feeling and conviction.’ – Paul Hetherington
‘He invites the reader to that place, where the unconscious self is gently awakened. There is a deeply felt empathy in his work. Poems pulse in spiritual resonance, vivid imagery, strong integrity and dignity, they also reveal the quiet contentment of solitude.’ – Denise Jordan
‘In Collins’s poetry we are admitted to the writer at his most personal. The narrative is reined in, the descriptive power honed to a fine edge, we are granted access to a private meditation and observation. The work of Ted Hughes comes often to mind.’ – A.E. Rawlinson
978 1 76041 995 0, 92pp




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