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Stephen Alomes / Selective Ironies

  • Stephen Alomes / Selective Ironies
Selective Ironies pursues the little and the dark ironies of everyday life and their consolations. He explores our era of tweets, mobile phones, forms, overcrowded transport, travel and human angsts and frustrations in our strange and ever-changing global world. Stephen Alomes, an adjunct professor at RMIT University Melbourne, has written several non-fiction books, as a cultural historian of people, nation and popular culture, and is an expressionist painter in the German and Australian traditions. In his prose poetry, in words and images, he captures our experiences of everyday life and the narcissistic excesses of social media in our visual era.
‘Through his art and poetry, Stephen Alomes imaginatively transforms life’s little ironies, in an endeavour to make sense of it all - or not. He converts everyday activities into artworks whilst wryly observing the intricate social and cultural changes of the twenty-first century.’ - Elaine Lewis, author of Left Bank Waltz (2006), poetry translator and Franco-Anglais Poetry Festival (Paris) coordinator
‘Witty, ironic and thought-provoking, Selective Ironies shares wisdom as it entertains.’ - Libor Mikeska, novelist, musician and scholar, Heidelberg, Germany
978 1 76109 000 4, 80pp




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