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Errol O'Neill / Denying the Faith

  • Errol O\'Neill / Denying the Faith
A collection of stories emanating from the experience of growing up, living and working in Australia’s third metropolis. ‘Denying the Faith’ and ‘This Clown’ record the fearful impressions of a childhood spent in Irish Catholic suburbia, reflected upon later in life when the fear has subsided but the guilt remains. ‘Going to Kanga’s’ and ‘Suburban Odyssey’ recall the experiences of a taxi driver both fascinated and annoyed by the alcohol-fuelled passengers who helped him make a living in a job that was only meant to be temporary while his real career was being identified. And ‘Throwing Up in Toowoomba’ takes a brief exit from Brisbane, but only for a fraught weekend, to detail the inner turmoil of a young and insecure man learning the brutal lessons of the heart in a period not so long ago.
978 1 74027 757 0, 66pp




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