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Maureen Mendolowitz / Potholes and Paris

  • Maureen Mendolowitz / Potholes and Paris
Marina has endured a stillborn birth and a divorce. She escapes to a flat and featureless corner of the Karoo where she sets up an arts and crafts centre for local women. She also returns to her vocation, creating highly acclaimed patchwork wall hangings that are considered works of art. With the passing of the seasons, in the nothingness of this desolate village, Marina seeks to find her peace. There is also lovely Annalise who alleviates the haunting ghouls of her traumatised childhood by mercilessly invoking pain and suffering on those around her. In a climax of heightened and uncontrollable emotions, a terrible event occurs. Some lives are irretrievably damaged. Others are destroyed. Only the wretched village remains, its faded name on a broken board, crooked between two time-worn posts.
978 1 76109 014 1, 134pp




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