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Heidi Giersch with Janet Brown / Dancing Into Freedom?

  • Heidi Giersch with Janet Brown / Dancing Into Freedom?
‘In 1980 on her defection, Heidi captivated the people of this nation’ - Paul Connor Come into Heidi's world. Her unique true story of a girl growing up in East Berlin, behind the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall, begins the moment she was chosen to go to ballet school. Through discipline, passion and talent she delighted audiences as she performed with major East German dance companies. Her heartfelt recollections of family, life and her career in East Germany, and the challenges of the Cold War in a controlled communist society are recounted with wisdom and insight. Heidi’s life changed dramatically, following her thrilling defection to Australia, where she still lives. With her love for life she had the courage and tenacity to choose freedom against all odds. Join Heidi in the colourful dance through the changing phases of her life.
‘There is a price to pay for every decision we make, but never ever give up hope. Say “yes” to change’ - Heidi Giersch
978 1 76109 016 5, 246pp, $37.50




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