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Jena Woodhouse / Dreams of Flight

  • Jena Woodhouse / Dreams of Flight
Flight can imply both to fly and to flee. The trajectories of these stories span a spectrum of abjection and desire encompassing despair and the transformative, as characters encounter each other, confront their demons and grapple with the circumstances of their lives.
‘In this collection, Jena Woodhouse explores the taunting allure of dreams of flight. In a diverse range of stories arranged in two parts, she delicately traverses the aspirations which everyone harbours, which can either transport or engulf. The twin worlds of water and sky therefore are hauntingly invoked as being symbolic of these polar opposites. Evocative literary references pepper a text which is also distinguished by the poet’s sensibility, by an arresting insight into character, and by inventive shifts in narrative perspective. This is a richly nuanced collection from an accomplished writer of immense style and grace.’ - Robyn Sheahan-Bright
'…elegantly written with nuance plus a good ear for dialogue.' - The Blue Nib
978 1 74027 726 6, 144pp




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