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Mark Miller / Light and Counterlight

  • Mark Miller / Light and Counterlight
‘In Light and Counterlight it is especially Mark Miller's unique view, his long experience and solid craft of writing that make his work look effortless. His poems are aesthetic and effectively show that the small things, such as a breeze, the trickle of water or shimmering light, are actually the great ones that drive and preserve the circle of life.’  - Beate Conrad, Editor Chrysanthemum
Light and Counterlight comes as a welcome addition to the growing body of haiku literature, poetry that has its roots in a tradition but animated here by a refreshingly original voice. It exemplifies that kind of creative flow, where timeless themes are developed in new and invigorating ways… In Light and Counterlight one soon becomes aware of being in the hands of an especially sensitive and astute observer, one inclined to contemplation, of someone who loves his subject and is gifted in the ability to open spaces for the reader’s imagination.’ - Simon Hanson, Secretary of Australian Haiku Society, Co-editor Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku
‘In Mark Miller's first collection of haiku, Light and Counterlight, we are brought along as witnesses to the other side of mist, to the "scattered pinking", to where the tree's shadow used to fall… From a dropped stitch to "this dwelling on things" we, too, find ourselves in the on-going drought staring at the moon in the rain bucket. Praise to the poet for holding us there for at least a moment.’ - Robin White, Founding Editor Akitsu Quarterly 
'…this collection of Australian haiku very much repays a second and third reading.' - Gregory Piko
'The…poems are aesthetic and solidly wrought' - Chrysanthemum
978 1 76109 044 8, 88pp




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