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Sonia Hunt / The mathematics of love

  • Sonia Hunt / The mathematics of love
‘In The mathematics of love, Sonia Hunt uses irony with flair whether she is teasing her resident mathematician in “An orange for you” with “I wanted to show you/ how an orange is peeled / but I was stopped/ by its bite on my tongue” or mocking herself in the playful Migraine sequence: “migraine is a lot like childbirth / you really don’t want to be there”. The satirical “To my coy mistress”, inspired by T.S. Eliot’s Cats is a flight of fancy. The philosophically challenged Cleopatra deftly moves us between Buddhism and Existentialism with a nod to writers such as Nietzsche and Keats. The mathematics of love is an eclectic mix from a poet who loves the sensuality of words and can make them jump.’ - Colleen Keating
‘Sonia Hunt’s poetry is about love, love that ranges from the ironically mathematical to the mystical. In The mathematics of love, she skilfully writes about moods and emotions with a deep sensuality and passion.’ - John Egan
978 1 76109 051 6, 90pp




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