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Sarah Tiffen / Soldier Boy and the Rural Fundamentalists

  • Sarah Tiffen / Soldier Boy and the Rural Fundamentalists
Sarah Tiffen’s fifth book of poetry reveals a new authority and delicacy in the author’s writing as she explores more deeply central themes of much of her work - stories of her Riverina homeland, the people, the landscape, the griefs and joys and loves and fears - refined, clarified and developed into what could be termed an emerging ‘Riverina style’. This book is dedicated to the closest and dearest from whom the author has often been separated in this Year of Wonders, but whose love has sustained her through long isolation, the bravest and brightest who have been her inspiration and her solace and to whom some of these poems belong. It is only Love that sustains us in the end. During the creation of this book, life has undergone changes we could never have imagined. On a large scale, society has been transformed by life under a pandemic, by the way we have been forced to turn inward, to redefine ourselves and how we might want to or be able to live. Amidst this calamity, some truths have been uncovered - and something about the fundamentals of a rural Australian life, its bounty, its space, its conservatism in the old sense of the word, its camaraderie and solidarity, has been reasserted as uncompromisingly essential to who we are and what we believe in. The essence of this book speaks to that.
978 1 76109 027 1, 106pp




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