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Peter Rodgers / Life, Death and Other Distractions

  • Peter Rodgers / Life, Death and Other Distractions
Life, Death and Other Distractions is a masterclass for the writing of short stories. They are wry and witty, comical-tragical and tragical-comical, funny and poignant, and above all wonderfully short. They are little pleasure pills.’ - Marion Halligan
‘With deft shifts in mood, place, time and genre, Rodgers establishes himself as a skilful storyteller. The gamut of human experience is here, acutely observed and offered with poignant reflection, whimsy, a deliciously wry streak and, at times, suspense and shock. Rodgers cloaks wisdoms in allegory, moments of profound understanding in humour and entertains with an eclectic cast of characters.’ - Felicity Volk, award-winning author of Desire Lines and Lightning
'…work traversing the gamut of human experience and emotion. His characteristic humour is found in many of these stories - it is dry, understated, clever, observant, not unsympathetic but neither sniggering nor gauchely slapstick.' - Living Arts Canberra
978 1 76109 077 6, 130pp




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