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Lorraine Haig / Paddling the Canoe

  • Lorraine Haig / Paddling the Canoe
‘Lorraine Haig’s poems reflect the rhythms of the natural world and human relationships in states of flux. The transience of each lived moment only renders it more meaningful. There is a thoughtful balance at work here; darkness tempered by light, humour as a counterpoint to frustration. Heartache and loss are threaded through the whole with courage and compassion, perhaps in part as testaments to the beauty and usefulness of poetry itself. Paddling the Canoe is part memoir, part speculation, but utterly grounded in being.’ - Jane Williams
‘This poetry triptych explores what it is to be embodied through time, landscape and relationship. To read these poems is to touch the skin of life and feel the pulse beneath. To read these words is to feel the tongue discover the language of love. In these poems, you will meet yourself from the inside out. If you don’t have the words you need, perhaps you can find them here.’ - Liz Winfield
978 176109 094 3, 102pp




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