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Gabrielle Journey Jones / Etymology of Courage

  • Gabrielle Journey Jones / Etymology of Courage
Etymology of Courage is the follow-up to Spoken Medicine by Gabrielle Journey Jones, also published by Ginninderra Press. Gabrielle dedicates this collection to everyone brave enough to share their truth creatively through spoken word poetry. ‘Etymology’ is the study of the origin of words. ‘Courage’ means bravery, although historically it referred to our emotions, heart and feelings. Therefore, to speak poetry from the heart is a daring double act of courage. Gabrielle’s poems are designed to be read out loud with a freedom which leads to personal resolution, revolution and joy. The contents are divided into heart lessons and observations. The mesmerising cover artwork by Amalina Wallace inspired the closing poem ‘Joy Philosophy’. It was created on Gadigal Land, Sydney. The words in this book were written on Aboriginal lands stretching from Gadigal through Dharawal to the far south coast of NSW on Yuin Country, where Gabrielle lives with her family. To find out more, visit www.poeticpercussion.com.au 
978 1 76109 099 8, 80pp




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