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Edna Taylor / Paving Stones

  • Edna Taylor / Paving Stones
Paving stones can well be on the path travelled through the journey of life and mark the passage of time. The only thing to be sure of is that the beginning is at conception and we will not know the ending until the time comes; as it turned out to be for some of the characters in Paving Stones, Edna Taylor’s fifth book of short stories. Sometimes the path ahead looks clear with a destination in plain sight, and sometimes unexpected obstacles are encountered. The only choice is to find your way around, muddle through as best you can or go back and start again! Some of these stories start in the middle - with folks on the way to somewhere - but the middle is only a continuation of what has happened previously and is a precursor to what is going to happen next. Life’s like that. Unpredictable. These stories are works of fiction, with the exception of ‘There Be a Dragon’ and ‘The Dunny’, which are based on true stories and ‘Bali Impressions’, which is from the author’s personal experience.
978 1 76109 103 2, 94pp




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