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Jill Nevile / A Scent of Frangipani

  • Jill Nevile / A Scent of Frangipani
‘I first met Jill Nevile when she was a regular contributor to the monthly meetings of the Gosford Bush Poets, but it was not until I read the collected verses in A Scent of Frangipani that Jill’s true skill as a writer became evident. The way she has captured her obvious love of the garden, the beautiful area of Australia we both call home and her favourite overseas destinations is a credit to her. Jill has also not been afraid to bare her soul with poems of personal experience and her love and attachment to her furry friends. Well done, Jill, a great read.’ – Peter Mace, 2012 Australian Bush Poetry Champion
This is Jill Nevile’s second published poetry collection, following A Scent of Pines in 2010. She continues to find inspiration in her garden and surroundings on the New South Wales Central Coast as well as in her foreign travels. A number of poems have a Greek theme. Jill’s love of animals, particularly dogs, is revealed in much of the poetry, especially in the ‘personal’ chapter. She also likes to have fun by writing limericks and light-hearted poems. Many of Jill’s pieces are traditional rhyming poems, but she also uses free verse to express her thoughts. Her poetry has been published in anthologies, newsheets and journals and she took part in the Poetry Project organised by WEA Sydney. Jill attends a workshop group called Friday Night Poets and she would like to record her appreciation of the suggestions made by other members, all of which have helped to hone her poetic skills.
978 1 76109 105 6, 68pp




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