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Adrian Rogers / Ecce Homo and Nine Painters

  • Adrian Rogers / Ecce Homo and Nine Painters
‘Ecce Homo!’ His challenge echoes down the centuries, ‘Behold the Man!’ How will nine painters, each with their own particular style, culture, attitudes and ambitions relate to the challenge? However they react, Ecce Homo will relate to each individually. A painter may accept, reject, try to avoid, or argue with Him. The reaction of a devout painter like El Greco may be predictable, but how about an argumentative Michelangelo, or introspective Rembrandt; and how will Van Gogh react to be told, ‘You have His eyes, Vincent’? And what of our last painter, Nicholas Roerich? Ecce Homo makes no appearance among his tributes. Is that because the challenge is no longer relevant, or because it has been so understood that His appearance is no longer needed?
978 1 76109 111 7, 76pp




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