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Jack Oats / Sonnets and Sunshine

  • Jack Oats / Sonnets and Sunshine
Jack Oats (aka Baker) is a man of all trades. Under various pseudonyms, he’s been a teacher, builder, folk singer, ornithologist, conservation biologist, bureaucrat, father, grandfather and husband. Years ago, he published lots of science and tried to save the Eastern Bristlebird from extinction. For more than a decade, Jack Oats has made short fictional and factual word creations as part of the Recovery Plan for the Semi-colon. Now he aspires to be reincarnated as a Sea Eagle. As with his earlier books of poetry, this third collection pokes fun, casts doubts, evokes anger, brings tears, celebrates Australia’s natural and cultural heritage, shares hope, shows gratitude, gives love.
978 1 76109 151 3, 118pp




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