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Mary E McCarthy / Damurruŋ’puy Mälk Saltwater Skin

  • Mary E McCarthy / Damurruŋ’puy Mälk Saltwater Skin
Mary McCarthy is a storyteller, artist, teacher, healer, creative and intuitive who gently plaits her accounts in this exquisite memoir of living and working in remote Arnhem Land. From a young girl, Mary has had a deep connection to the land and to our First Nations peoples. Her understanding and respect of culture, traditional practices, lore, kinship and customs gave space to be fully immersed living in communities for almost twenty years. Mary’s knowledge of teaching, bilingual education, yoga, meditation and healing were the pathway to these wonderfully captured moments poetically shared here which take you on a journey of spirit, connection, healing and honour of a most extraordinary life and the many gifts she receives.
‘Mary’s commitment to language survival in speaker communities and the sharing of knowledge is such important work and crucial at this point in time. Her understanding of the intrinsic connection to our earth, identity, customs, lore and values is something she gently unveils in this beautifully written account of life living in a remote community.’ - Melissa Ladkin (Awabakal woman and ochre earth artist)
978 1 76109 154 4, 312pp




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