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Brenda Eldridge / Flower Child

  • Brenda Eldridge / Flower Child
‘I write to make it real.’ How often I have said that over the years? I didn’t make it up to sound clever, it is what I do and who I am. In a life filled to overflowing with richness and challenges, there has been much to write about and I have. Flower Child was born when I was thrust unexpectedly back sixty-something years into my childhood by the perfume of a flower in a quiet room. Flower Child is a tiny glimpse of a time, the place and some of the people that laid the foundations of who I was to become. It is where I learned the standards and values that I have lived my life by. In the doubt-filled aftermath of a recent challenge to the core of who I am and how I live, I have again found healing in writing. These are my memories.
'Eldridge acknowledges the hardships of life at the time but looks back with an immense fondness and gratitude for her early years which makes this book a joy to read.' - Tamba
978 1 76109 168 1, 78pp




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