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Rees Campbell / Pointing the Way Home

  • Rees Campbell / Pointing the Way Home
Rees Campbell is a proud and passionate Tasmanian woman who is inspired by the island she was lucky enough to be born on, and writes about the extraordinary people, places, creatures and plants she shares it with. Love in all its seasons and place in all its intricacies are the arteries that drive Rees’s poems.
‘Rees Campbell: the Feisty Tasmanian - she sure is that when it comes to her emotionally charged poetry. As delightfully untamed as her Wild Food Garden in Wynyard, Tasmania; raw and challenging as the wind whipping up from Bass Strait, to soft and gentle as the morning sun in spring kissing the dewdrops on newly formed buds.’ - Evie Wood, Tasmanian Poetry Festival Director, 2019
978 1 76109 170 4, 70pp