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David Kelly / planes, birds, cats, things

  • David Kelly / planes, birds, cats, things
‘Robert Frost said, Poetry is saying one thing in terms of another. David Kelly’s unique craft, showcased in planes, birds, cats, things, does exactly that. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the title. Aspects of life, observation and appreciation are embodied in these poems. Strong lines and often unusual vision are the hallmark of David Kelly’s writing.’ - Helene Castles
‘Dear David, I have nothing to offer but my slackness, that and the fact of my birthday weekend and getting to bed at about 8 a.m. this morning. If it’s any consolation I really like the MS and will get you something glowing earlyish next week.’ - Tug Dumbly
‘In a tête-à-tête between sincerity and the literal, David Kelly’s poetry raises its head above the literary parapet to personably (colloquially, proletarianly maybe) see and say exactly what’s what. This book of his shorter poems does the job with wit, sentiment & charm.' - Kris Hemensley
'…a delightful book to dip into. Any page will make you smile…' - Tamba
978 1 76109 193 3, 120pp




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